Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gone so Soon

Well since I last posted we have now packed up our entire house and moved to our extremely generous friends' house, while our tenants have moved into our own house. 

The problem is, our rather large family (7 people) combined with our friends' pretty big family (6 people plus their nanny and dog) makes for a very full house. And seeing as they don't have enough bedrooms for 14 people, someone had to get the shaft. Any guesses as to who it was? That's right, me! Well me and Megan. So we are now living in our friends' RV trailer which is parked in the backyard. And while my friends like to laugh at me for that fact, its actually not bad at all. I mean, this is a very nice trailer, and its all hooked up to electricity and everything, so really my sister and I have our very own mini little house to retreat to whenever we need privacy. And with my insane addiction to One Tree Hill (best show EVER!!!! :D), the TV and DVD player in there comes in very handy :) 

 The one negative thing is that the running water isn't connected so we have to use the bathroom back in the main house, but really its not that big of a deal. Of course at 3am in the pouring rain and pitch black it seems slightly more of a hassle, but in the long run its not bad at all. 

Anyway, just thought I'd do a quick post to keep you updated, and to say that we are now leaving in 21 shorts DAYS!! And I will be away for 9 1/2 of those days so my time with friends is getting very very short :( 

Enough writing, here are some pictures of us and our amazing friends, who are really more of an extended family to us than anything... I've known them since I was three, and my siblings have all known them their whole lives. Josh and their oldest son have grown up together, and have always been the best of friends, while Moses and their youngest son, while having only known each other for the past 2 1/2 years are also best buds. And since I've babysat their kids since forever, we all know each other pretty well. So its been good staying here :) 


soo organized of course :) 

Goodbye to my little room :( 

Our New Home :)

Living With Our Friends

My sister and I going out for my birthday dinner :) 

Hunting for moles haha :)

And just because he's adorably cute, here are a few pictures of our special little 6 month old friend who came to visit the other day with his mom and big brother :)

And a couple pictures of some new friends :) ...

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