Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nothing Much to Say

Well apparently I’ve already failed at my one-post-a-day vow. Its kind of hard to think of things to write about when nothing much is happening, so I’m just going to say right now.... it may be changed to something more like a one-post-every-few-days vow. J Its still Easter break for the schools, so Forward Education isn’t even happening at the moment.

Carley and I have been working on stuff for the Hands at Work conferences in Zambia and Mozambique.. hours of putting together packages, stapling papers, and laminating book marks. It’s a blast, really!

Other than that, not a whole lot new is going on around here. Still no pictures.. I haven’t had the chance to visit Vision2000 (the other store I’m supposed to go to in order to buy a new battery charger for my camera) but I’m hoping to go there as soon as possible!

For now, here’s a couple of old pictures I found recently....

Look how cute we were :) 

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